The Power of Home Energy Audits

Energy audits are perfect for homeowners who wish to improve HVAC performance while significantly reducing energy costs. During your energy audit, a specially trained Comfort and Indoor Air Quality Consultant will visit your home. Using advanced diagnostic instruments and testing procedures, the consultant will (1) identify problems that impact the indoor environment, and (2) provide you with a personalized plan to solve these problems.

During your energy audit, you will learn how to:

  • Achieve comfortable, balanced temperatures throughout your home
  • Maintain healthy, year-round humidity levels
  • Reduce dust, system noise and repair bills
  • Save money on utility bills (typically 10-50%)

For your peace of mind, Comfort Institute Member Contractors offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on energy audits. That means you won’t pay a dime after audit completion if you didn’t find the check-up worthwhile.

Ready to begin? Call 615-523-9898 to schedule your home energy audit, or to discuss a new, high-efficiency heating and cooling system with our talented technicians.

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