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A water heater replacement offers options and requires decisions. While some homeowners will simply read the faded label on the existing unit and replace it with an exact equivalent, others seize the opportunity to upgrade performance and energy efficiency or ensure a longer service life. Some will decide to utilize a different fuel, while others will move away from conventional storage tank heaters entirely.Here are some questions to ask before a water heater replacement:

Fuel Type: Gas or Electric?

Most homes in the U.S. utilize natural gas for heating water. Water heater efficiency is measured by a unit’s energy factor (EF) rating Standard gas water heaters have an EF in the range of 0.6, while electric heaters typically rate above 0.9. Despite the superior EF rating, the substantial cost differential of electricity versus gas in locales where both are available means operating costs are usually lower with a gas heater than an electric model.

Style: Tank or Tankless?

Conventional storage tank water heaters have a longstanding drawback: the tank. Water stored in the tank loses heat between each usage and must be constantly reheated, wasting energy. In addition, a unit with an adequate first hour rating must be chosen to match home usage. A tankless unit heats only the amount of hot water you use when you need it. No water is stored, so no energy is lost on standby. However, tankless units must be carefully sized to household demands for adequate performance. In some cases, multiple tankless units will be required for a single household.

Tankless Heater Installers in Nashville, TN

More and more people are choosing tankless water heaters over traditional water heaters these days, and for good reason. Tankless heaters are designed to provide hot water on demand, reducing standby energy losses that cost you money. In addition, tankless heaters typically last about twice as long as standard heaters. And some tankless heaters may qualify for tax rebates, saving you even more. If you’re in the market for tankless water heater installation in Nashville, TN, call Breeze Heating and Cooling to learn more about the options we offer.

Proper Installation is Key

Your tankless water heater needs to be professionally installed for optimal energy efficiency. With an expert staff, we have the tools to tackle your tankless water heater installation project. And when you work with us, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Easy appointment scheduling
  • Reasonable rates
  • Knowledgeable, courteous professionals

For more information about our tankless water heaters or to schedule an estimate, call us today at 615-523-9898.

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